Ten fifteen — Great wines for $10-15

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An expertly curated selection of interesting wines that you can actually find in a local store and none are over $15.

What makes a great, inexpensive wine? (And why can’t I find them??)
I asked friends what problems they have when they buy wine. The topics that came up were:

  • Don’t know what to buy
    During the interviews, I heard two scenarios: 1) “I need to bring wine to a party and don’t want to embarrass myself with a bad wine.” or 2) “I want to learn more about wine in general, but can’t afford to spend a lot.”

  • Everything good is $$$ in NYC
    The secondary research uncovered that even if you spend a lot, it is no guarantee you will like the wine. Also, wine shoppers are afraid to buy inexpensive wine for fear of looking cheap or the wine being terrible.

  • Too many lists & can’t find the wines on the lists
    There are lots of different lists of recommended wines, but no central resource. It’s hard to keep up. Additionally, it’s almost impossible to find the wines on lists because wine stores all carry different stock

There is a need for a NYC based app that has a central list of wine recommendations & where to buy

User need is a curated list of inexpensive wines with in stock items marked in specific stores

Product goals are to increase sales at partner stores

Design objective is an app that helps users learn about wine and buy what they like to drink

Low fidelity wires

These wires map out the on-boarding and initial user flow. The goal was to help different types of users, from absolute beginners to people who just like good, inexpensive wine.

Logos & Icons

I worked on a few different treatments for logos and icons. Since the target users are millennials, I wanted to convey something young, modern and fresh.


High fidelity screens

There are multiple paths a user can take. The user with some knowledge of wine can select the type of wine they want, while the user with no knowledge of wine sets their preferences in words they can understand.

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Next steps…

My final vision for Ten Fifteen is to have a simple, lightweight app that does one thing well: help users find great wine near them. Wine recommendations are great, but only if you can actually find the wine and that is what Ten Fifteen will do.